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Transport4 Improves Pipeline Community Efficiency

Transport4 is the world’s leading pipeline logistics information portal. It allows shippers, terminals and pipelines to maintain petroleum product distribution plans with 24/7 access to tickets, schedules, nominations and inventory information. It also lets shippers fully automate product movements within their own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

A third of all petroleum product volumes shipped via pipelines in the United States are delivered using networks owned and operated by Transport4 carrier clients. The application enables the entire pipeline community to be more efficient and continues to receive high marks for customer service.

Users can gain access to Transport4 once a shipper, supplier/consignee or tanker status has secured authorization from Explorer Pipeline.

Visit www.transport4.com to learn more about Transport4. Its Help Desk can be reached by phone at (888) 844-9404 or by email at info@transport4.com. If you are interested in joining Transport4 as a pipeline or terminal customer, or would like to automate your pipeline data feeds, please contact them today.

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