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Technology at the Heart of Our Operations

At the heart of Explorer Pipeline is our operations control center. Sophisticated software and computer systems allow our pipeline controllers working 24/7 to remotely operate the pumps and valves that direct product flow. They also keep the product moving safely.

Satellite communications and high-speed data lines relay information between points along our system and the operations control center. More than 6,000 pieces of information are collected every few seconds.

Our Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer system processes important data including pipeline flow, pressures, valve positions and pump conditions. Advanced hydraulic modeling software uses this information to run complex formulas and calculate conditions for every mile along the pipeline. It also tracks the movement of batch shipments.

Transaction records about the receipt and delivery of every shipment are electronically collected and automatically posted to the Transport4 website. Customers access details about their shipments from this website.

With advanced technology on our side, we’re able to remotely control more than 200,000 horsepower of pumping capacity to quietly and steadily move our customers’ fuel to its final destination.

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