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Report Right-of-Way Encroachment


The pipeline right-of-way is the land above and approximately 25 feet on either side of the pipeline. Right-of-way restrictions prohibit building or planting on this area.

Unauthorized building or planting in the pipeline right-of-way is known as encroachment. Explorer regularly conducts maintenance to trim trees and remove shrubs or structures that are on the right-of-way. We need to be able to clearly view the pipeline corridor during aerial or foot patrols as part of our safety practices. If you see trees, plants or structures including sheds located near the pipeline, email us at [email protected].

An authorized Explorer representative must be on-site during any type of excavation or surface modi­fication within the right-of-way. This includes activities such as planting trees, installing basketball goals, flagpoles, or irrigation systems, constructing storage sheds or other outbuildings, or driving fence posts.

To download a copy of the Explorer Pipeline encroachment specifications, visit our specifications page. For additional concerns or questions, call (888) 876-0036 or e-mail [email protected]

Before you start any excavation project, call 811 or visit 811 In Your State (call811.com)

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