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President’s Message

Mark Hurley

There are many things we are proud of at Explorer Pipeline.

We are proud of our safety record. For nearly 50 years we have been committed to the safety of our employees and to our pipeline operations. It isn’t something we just claim to do, it is something we are obligated to do. We have achieved an excellent safety record and continuously work to improve safety awareness and remind employees of their obligation and authority to stop work if an unsafe condition arises. Our goal is that no one gets hurt on the job and we emphasize the importance of taking the same message home.

We are proud of our environmental stewardship. Our performance in this area demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the pipeline system. In a system that transports 209 million barrels a year, we believe no spill is acceptable and we have an excellent team of professionals committed to spill prevention. While pipeline inspection and maintenance can be technically challenging, we strive to use the best tools available, and continually search for and promote development of new technology.

We are proud of our customer focus. In our business this means upholding our commitments to shippers: delivering product on-time and with no degradation of quality. It means responding to shipper requests for additional connectivity and ensuring new projects are completed when promised.

We are proud of our community outreach and our desire to be a good neighbor. We feel an obligation to operate with integrity and transparency and to be a responsible corporate citizen. We strongly encourage all of our employees to dedicate their time and resources to make their communities better places to live.

Most importantly, we are proud of our culture at Explorer. It is this culture that allows us to be successful. Our goal is to be the pipeline of choice and we strive every day to reach that goal. Thank you for visiting our website and don’t forget, call 811 before you dig.

Mark Hurley

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