Pipeline Emergency: Call 1-888-876-0036

Recognize a Pipeline Leak

While pipeline leaks are unlikely, they can be dangerous and require caution and immediate action to protect people, property and the environment.

Guidelines for detecting pipeline leaks:
NOTE: All of these signs may not occur at the same time.


  • A pool of liquid on or spraying from the ground
  • Discolored or dead vegetation
  • A rainbow sheen on water or in a flooded area
  • Continuous bubbling in water
  • Dirt or liquid being blown into the air
  • Flames coming from the ground or an exposed pipeline valve


  • An unusual hissing or roaring noise coming from a pipeline


  • An unusual odor such as gasoline, kerosene or other petroleum product

Responding to a Pipeline Leak

If you suspect a pipeline may have a leak, leave the area immediately. Once you are at a safe distance away from the potential leak, call 911 and Explorer’s emergency number at 888-876-0036.

Guidelines for responding to pipeline leaks:

  • Leave the area immediately and warn others to stay away
  • Do not light a match, start an engine, use a cell phone or turn on or off any electrical appliances until you are a safe distance away from the potential leak
  • Do not drive into an area where you suspect a leak, and do not touch or operate pipeline valves
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