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Petroleum Pipelines on Your Property

Farm and ranch equipment is a common source of pipeline damage. Potentially harmful activities include deep ripping, chisel plowing, sub-soiling, terrace projects, cleaning out drainage ditches, drain-tile installation, setting posts, creek maintenance, tree and stump removal, and building waterways.

Farmers and ranchers near Explorer’s pipeline can protect their family, employees and property by verifying the pipeline location before excavating and knowing how to identify, respond to and prevent a pipeline leak or rupture.

Identify Pipelines Near Your Farm or Ranch

If you have a pipeline right-of-way on or near your property, identify its exact location before moving any soil.

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Recognize and Respond to a Pipeline Leak

While pipeline leaks are unlikely, they can be dangerous and require caution and immediate action to protect people, property and the environment. Find out what to look for and how to respond.

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Protect Pipelines and Your Land

Never guess where a pipeline is located on your property or how deep it is below the ground. Even if you know the general location of the pipeline, the ground above the pipeline may have changed due to erosion or grading.

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Report Damage to a Pipeline or Marker

Take the time to report damage to the Explorer pipeline or a pipeline marker. We’ll check it out and promptly make any needed repairs to keep everyone safe.

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