Pipeline Emergency: Call 1-888-876-0036

Petroleum Pipelines Around Construction Site

Excavation activity is the most common source of pipeline damage. Play it safe by understanding your responsibilities as an excavator or contractor.

Identify Pipelines Near Job Sites

Pipeline markers are located along the pipeline’s path, but they should never be used to identify its location and depth before excavating. Always call 811.

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Recognize and Respond to a Pipeline Leak

While pipeline leaks are unlikely, they can be dangerous and require caution and immediate action to protect people, property and the environment. Find out what to look for and how to respond.

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Report Damage to a Pipeline or Marker

Take the time to report damage to the Explorer pipeline or a pipeline marker. We’ll check it out and promptly make any needed repairs to keep everyone safe.

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Training Resources

Explorer partners with other operators to conduct pipeline safety meetings for excavators working in the area of our pipeline. Preparation and education protects your employees, equipment and the financial future of your company.

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