Pipeline Emergency: Call 1-888-876-0036

Petroleum Pipelines Around Your School

Administrators, teachers, bus drivers and safety personnel working in schools located near Explorer’s pipeline are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the pipeline’s path. Schools should develop safety and evacuation procedures in the unlikely event of a rupture or leak.

Identify Pipelines Near Your School

Black, yellow and white pipeline markers are located along the pipeline route and identify the general location, the specific products transported, the operator’s name and the operator’s emergency contact number.

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Recognize and Respond to a Pipeline Leak

While pipeline leaks are unlikely, they can be dangerous and require caution and immediate action to protect people, property and the environment. Find out what to look for and how to respond.

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Protect Pipelines and Your School

Protect pipelines near your school by ensuring personnel or contractors call 811 at least 48 hours before digging on or excavating school property.

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Plan for Pipeline Safety

Explorer offers a pipeline education program for schools located near our pipeline and above-ground facilities.

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Report Pipeline Damage

Help us keep your school and students safe by reporting right-of-way encroachment, pipeline damage or other suspicious activity.

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